Anna Till

This seminar is a shared research about TIME from various perspectives - in connection to movement and performance, and as well in relation to other disciplines, such as cultural science or sociology.
Main questions will be: How do we perceive time? What is the time/ing of a movement, a dance, a choreography? Which different experiences do we have with time within our daily life? What is your personal relation to time while dancing and improvising? How and why do we measure time? How does a different timing change a choreography? How is time connected to socio-economic aspects? How does the awareness of time/ing structure a group choreography?
Starting with various (group) exercises, experiments and try outs, we will later meet 2 guests to share our thoughts about time on a theoretical level and get input from the perspective of cultural science and sociology. Eventually we will focus on your own artistic projects to observe the role of time/ing within.