Anna Till

Wir befinden uns an einem verlassenen Ort. Irgendwo im Nirgendwo. Eine Straße. Rechts und links unendliche Weite. Vielleicht eine Tankstelle. Ein Partyzelt. Eigenartige Gestalten bewegen sich in diesem trostlosen und gleichzeitig magischen Szenario. Mit ihren Bewegungen erwecken sie die ortlose Wüste zum Leben, begleitet von einem Schlagzeuger und elektronisch verfremdeten Klängen eines Vibraphons.

An abandoned place. In the middle of no-where. A long road. Only little signs of civilization remain. Vasteness till the horizon. Maybe there is a gaz station, a partytent, a shelter. This place has no rules. It is a place out of time. No one takes care about it. Strange figures are hanging out and moving around in this grim and as well magic scenario. Maybe some people are having a fight. Maybe someone is drunk and having a nap. Maybe lovers are meeting. With their actions the dancers bring this desert to life, accompanied by a drum set and the electronic sounds of a vibraphone (Stroon).


its an abandoned place
its a place with a wide horizon
its a place that no one takes care about
a place without rules
that doesn’t belong to anybody
its a place, where people hang out
strange figures cross
maybe someone is waiting there to be picked up by a car
everything can happen but most often nothing happens there
its a place without time
maybe some people are having a fight
maybe someone is drunk and having a nap
maybe lovers are meeting
time stands still
the wind brings people in and out of this place
its not a place to stay